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Research Scholars

S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Updated on: 11/09/2019 
1.   Prof. Manvinder Kaur Charu Bali Full Time 18-19/235/Ph.D. 12/11/2018 Yet to be finalized No
2.   Prof. Pam Rajput Tashi Lamo Full Time 18-19/193/Ph.D. 04/10/2018 Patriacrchy and the status of women in Ladakh No
3.   Dr. Ameer Sultana Kiran Bala Full Time 18-19/192/Ph.D. 27/09/2018 Pre and Post Maternal Health case in Rural Haryana (Tentative) No
4.   Prof. Pam Rajput Harpreet Kaur Full Time 18-19/194/Ph.D. 27/09/2018 Yet to be finalized No
5.   Dr. Rajesh Kumar Chander Veerdeep Kaur Full Time 17-18/278/Ph.D. 02/11/2017 Feminist analysis of Punjabi Culture No
6.   Dr. Rajesh Kumar Chander Gurmeet Kaur Full Time 17-18/279/Ph.D. 02/11/2017 Social Integration of Refugee Women in South Asia (Tentative) No
7.   Prof. Kian Preet Kaur Ashima Grover Full Time 17-18/166/PhD 28/08/2017 A Case Study of BSF Mahila Constables at Punjab Frontier Yes UGC
8.   Prof. Pam Rajput Khushboo Aggarwal Full Time 09-Eco-9 27/10/2016 yet to be finalized No
9.   Dr. Ameer Sultana Niyati Gulia Full Time 18409000063 27/10/2016 Role of Asha Workers in Improving Reproductive Health-Tentative topic Yes UGC
10.   Prof. Pam Rajput Nazia Kamboj Full Time 18211000384 27/10/2016 yet to be finalized No
11.   Dr. Rajesh Kumar Chander Amandeep Singh Full Time 19505000224 16/11/2015 Gender Sterotypes faced by Sports Women in Punjab- A Tentative topic Yes Panjab University
12.   Dr. Rajesh Kumar Chander Anjali Vasishat Full Time 17707000056 05/11/2015 Women Work in Call Centers-Tentative Topic No
13.   Prof. Manvinder Kaur Sudiksha Bhatia Full Time 18007000080 02/11/2015 NRI Marriages-Tenative Topic No
14.   Prof. Emanual Nahar Rupinder Aulakh Full Time 02-wc-701 02/06/2015 Indian Women and Social Media: A Study of Selected Socio-Political, Economic and administrative Issues in Chandigarh and Rupnagar-yet to be finalized No
15.   Prof. Manvinder Kaur Lakshmi Devi Full Time 09-cws-5 07/05/2015 Status of Rural Muslim Women in Western Uttar Pradesh: A Case Study of Saharanpur District No
16.   Prof. Emanual Nahar Bhupinder Singh Full Time 19405000036 31/03/2015 Socio Economic and Political Mobility Among Dalit Women: A Case Study of Punjab- Tentative Topic No
17.   Dr. Ameer Sultana
Prof. Pam Rajput
Aditi Chadha Full Time 2014-EZ-124 21/10/2014 Climate Change Adaptation: A Gendered Study of Organic Agriculture in Three Disaster-Prone Zones of India No
18.   Prof. Manvinder Kaur Ritu Singh Full Time 11-cws-3 22/09/2014 Internal Migration of Women Labour: Experiences, Challenges and Policy Framework-Tentative Topic No
19.   Dr. Ameer Sultana Poonam Sandhir Full Time 92-DW-138 19/09/2014 Involuntary Childlessness and Reproductive Health:Problems, Perceptions and Coping Mechanism-Tentative Topic No
20.   Dr. Reena Rani Gagandeep Kaur Full Time 15004000104 22/05/2014 Sexual Harassment At Workplace: A Study of Sports Women in Punjab No
21.   Dr. Ameer Sultana Pratibha Rolta Full Time 99-Pol-9 19/11/2012 Role Perception and Performance of Women from Scheduled castes in Panchayati Raj Institutions: A Study in Himachal Pradesh Yes UGC
22.   Dr. Ameer Sultana Jasreet Kaur Full Time 2008-EZ-122 02/05/2011 A Cross Sectional Analysis of Women Domestic Workers in Chandigarh: Issues & Stategies No
23.   Prof. Meera Malik
Prof. Manvinder Kaur
Jaskirandeep Kaur Full Time 99-WC-203 23/12/2010 Portrayal of Women in Print Media: A Study of Select Women's Magazines No

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